Yarn Count Converter

This tool converts between yarn count systems. If you aren’t sure about how yarn counts work, read our article about counts before using it.

Enter the details of your yarn in the Your Yarn section of the calculator. The Counts section shows you equivalents for your yarn in different count systems. This makes comparing yarn thickness easier when planning a mixed fibre project, for example weaving cotton with silk.

The Lengths section allows you to enter the nett weight of a yarn in your stash and calculate an approximate length in either metric or imperial units.

We recommend reading the notes at the bottom of this page.


Wool counts

Yorkshire skein weight can sometime be used for both woollen and worsted spun wool so you need to know how it was spun.

  • Worsted spun yarns are usually spun from long wool sheep, the fibres are combed, not carded.
  • Woollen spun yarns are usually spun from short wool sheep, the fibres are carded, not combed.

Check your labels or the manufacturer’s description of the yarn!


In common with most retailers we sell our yarns by weight, not length. Conversions to length are approximate and you should add 5% – 10% to your calculations to ensure that you purchase sufficient yarn for your project, as matching dyelots may not be possible at a later date.

Remember to deduct the weight of the spool or cone when weighing your yarn. Our product labels show a nett weight (without spool or cone).