New Lanark Wool 4.8/2

100% new wool spun by The New Lanark Spinning Co. Available in 7 natural colours and 24 dyed colours.

The natural colours are derived from blends of different coloured undyed wools.

The dyed colours are referred to as “The New Lanark Collection” and consolidate the former “Donegal Silk” and “Heather Blends”. All products are now 100% wool fibres.

Spun to a 4.8 Nm (metric) count, approximately 9.3/2 NeS (woollen spun) count. Unwashed, put up is 200g (approx 480m) on cone.

We have a few cones of old colours that are now discontinued – grab them while you can, and make sure that you buy enough for your project – we won’t be able to restock them.

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Showing 1–12 of 35 results