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Fibonacci Bath Mat

Karen used our Valley Yarns Mercerised Cotton 3/2 to create this bath mat. The warp colours are spaced using the Fibonacci sequence (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,11…) resulting in a stunning geometrical pattern.

There is a Peggy Osterkamp article about designing with the Fibonacci sequence, and it’s also covered in detail by Jane Stafford.

Fibonnaci pattern bath mat I made with the Valley Yarns 3/2 mercerised cotton Black and Frost Grey I bought from you on 3rd October 2023.  I think that is the one I am most pleased with.

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Sky Table Mats and Tea Towels

Karen used our mercerised cottons with a pallet of colours based around “Sky” Garnhuset Eko Mercerised Cotton 8/2 to create both table mats and tea towels.

Sky, Lilac, Lavender and Light Royal 8/2 Mercerised Cotton.
Sky, Silver and Black 8/2 Mercerised Cotton.

A couple of photos of tablet mats I wove with the Sky and Silver Garnhuset 8/2 mercerised and tea towels I wove also using the Sky I bought from you.


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Weaving with 8/2 Cotton

Jacky sent us these photos of her recent projects woven with Garnhuset 8/2 cotton. Really vibrant colours, and the hand towels look like they wet finished perfectly.

Let us know what you think, or better still, share some of your own weaves!

I am following the course run by Jane Stafford- this is the level I have got to – series 5. She is a tremendous teacher! The hand towels are drying on the airer and they therefore un-ironed, but the detail is there in the cloth.

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Another Caernarfon Welsh Blanket

Valerie wove a second blanket in the Caernarfon pattern, again using the Garnhuset 6/2 wool.

A section of a blanket being woven on a floor loom.
The finished blanket laid on a table. The warp ends have been tied into tassels.
A peek between the layers of the blanket while weaving.

This one was set at 8 ends per inch, per layer, and again, beaten on an open shed to cut down on the abrasion.  Again, this was the 6/2 Garnhuset.  Because of the more open sett the patterns are larger, but there are fewer pattern repeats.

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Caernarfon Welsh Blanket

Valerie wove this traditional Welsh blanket pattern in Garnhuset 6/2 wool.

A traditional "Caernarfon" pattern Welsh blanket being woven on a loom.
Close-up image of a Welsh blanket on the loom.

There are a few different traditional patterns for Welsh blankets, and this one is Caernarfon.  The thing that all the patterns have in common is that you have to have a 16 shaft loom to weave the two layers.

The blanket was woven at 10 ends per inch per layer.  This produced a good medium to firm fabric.  However, whilst it looks good, it was a little difficult to weave due to the density in the reed.  The way I overcame this was to beat on an open shed so that the layers were separated. 

Samples of the Welsh blanket, with a ruler on top for scale.

Samples of the blanket. The original sample underneath, with a small section on top which had been through a machine wash.