Liina Kalalanka Cotton

We are delighted to bring you our Liina Kalalanka cotton collection, for which we are the exclusive UK distributor.

From the weavers point of view this 100% cotton yarn is very strong with a tight twist, making it especially suitable for rug warp, but it can also be used as warp and weft when a firm hard wearing cloth is required. The good range of colours also makes it an excellent choice for warp for rag rugs or when the weaving is more balanced and the warp is visible. This is very useful when a coordinated or contrast in the warp is required. Even in a weft faced rug the fringe can be matched to the weft or décor.

This yarn can also be used for crochet and to create decorative ropes.

These yarns are made in Finland and are dyed to 13 shades. Note that additional shades for some of the same counts are available in the Molla Mills range.

Each count is manufactured from a 20 cotton count (30 Tex) yarn which is then plied with a tight twist with either 6, 9, 12, 15 or 18 plies.