Lankava Mercerised Cotton 8/4 – Taupe – 9035


Lankava Mercerised Cotton 8/4NeC

Colour Code 9035


200g cone

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This range of 8/4 cotton count is super smooth and strong with a medium sheen. It’s useful for so many projects:

  • Rag rugs where the warp will be visible, using a contrasting or coordinating colour.
  • Table mats and runners, where a thick and firm cloth is required.
  • Dish cloths and tea towels.
  • Inkle weaving.
  • Crochet, using a 2.5mm hook.
  • Knitting summer weight garments, using 2.5mm / size 12 needles.

This yarn is ideal as both a warp and weft on both rigid heddle and shaft looms.

8/4 is thicker than 5/2 and finer than 3/2, but can be used in place of these counts to weave similar projects producing a lighter or heavier cloth if wanted.

We stock 29 colours including unbleached natural.

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Dimensions 18 × 10 × 10 cm