Garnhuset Cotton-Linen 33/2 – Deep Ruby – 3353


Garnhuset Cotton-Linen 33/2 – Deep Ruby – 3353

125g spool

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Soft and absorbent this yarn is suitable for many uses including table linens, towels, scarves, clothing.

The 33 linen count means that there are approximately 1250m on a 125g spool. It is a third finer than the 22/2, so a very useful thickness for when you want a finer cloth than the 22/2 produces but not one as fine as perhaps woven with a 16/2 cotton. To help with comparison look at the metric counts in the additional information sections for individual yarns. This makes comparing like with like much easier if you want to combine this yarn with another yarn of a similar thickness.
A yarn wrap measures 44 ends per inch.

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