Garnhuset Cotton-Linen 22/2 – Dark Brown – 2266


Garnhuset Cotton-Linen 22/2 – Dark Brown – 2266

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Offering excellent quality and value for money. Soft and absorbent makes it suitable for so many uses including table linens, towels, scarves as well as beautiful cloth with so many uses. This lovely yarn gets softer with every wash.

Labelled using the linen counting system it is fully interchangeable with 8/2 cotton count yarns or 22/2 linen count yarns. It can be used in the warp and or the weft. Great on both shaft and rigid heddle looms. Used double in a 15dpi heddle with the weft used singly it makes lovely cloth on a rigid heddle loom. It is also suitable for knitting, crochet and other yarn crafts.

We currently stock over 50 colours plus natural and bleached white.
Supplied on 250g spools. The yarn wrap measure is 36 wraps per inch.

Manufacturers shade cards are available.

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Dimensions 14.5 × 7.5 × 7.5 cm


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