Garnhuset Cotton Linen Wet Finishing

When working with a new yarn, or in any situation where a dye not being fast would be a problem, it is essential to weave and wet finish a sample to test both the yarn behaviour once off the loom and its colour fastness.

The Garnhuset cotton linen yarns are dyed using reactive colours, which get their final resistance during washing at 60°C. Before the first washing it is recommended to soak the fabric overnight in clean water. Afterwards squeeze out the water and without drying machine wash separately at 60° Celsius with normal detergent but without bleaching agents.

We always use a couple of colour catcher sheets when first washing a piece of work.

What does the label say?

Swedish regulations for yarn labelling are very strict. Garnhuset include the following performance ratings on the cotton linen yarn labels:

Product facts
Colour fastness washing at 60°C 4-5 of a possible 5
Light fastness 6-7 of a possible 8
Rubbing 4-5 of a possible 5