New Lanark Wool 4.8/2 Natural Undyed – Gritstone


New Lanark Wool 4.8/2 Natural Undyed – Gritstone

A medium grey / brown blend.
200g on cone.

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The New Lanark Natural Collection is spun from 100% pure new wool.  Un-dyed Merino and Zwartbles wool are selected for their natural colour and blended in different quantities to produce a range of colours.

This yarn is spun on original machinery using hydro-electric generated power in the mill at New Lanark, part of a model industrial community built by the in the early 19th century by the philanthropist and Utopian idealist Robert Owen. The mill and village in South Lanarkshire, Scotland is recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

The manufacturer describes the yarn weight as Double Knitting (DK) with a metric count of 4.8/2 Nm.

Note that the yarn has not been washed and still contains an oil used in the blending and spinning process. The oil used is certified organic by the Soil Association and will be removed during wet finishing. The yarn blooms and softens during wet finishing and makes lovely cloth suitable for many uses.

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Dimensions 11 × 11 × 18 cm


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